“Splash” the Cash for little Noah

Every Birthday is special and we love celebrating the Magical Milestones with all of our little birthday clubbers, however this week,  we would like to give a mention to Noah Woods who turns one on 29th of June….

Photographer Southport (2)  Noah enjoying a “Splash” after his messy cake smash!

Noah and his sister Sienna, were both born with Cystic Fibrosis. His mum Shelby is raising funds for a vibrating vest to help improve their lung function and help make their physio therapy sessions easier, as trying to get a toddler to stay still is always a challenge! (We can vouch for that!)

Photographer Southport (3)Noah and Sienna enjoying a babyballet class together.

The vests cost £8000 each and through lots of events and support, Shelby has managed to raise enough for one vest for Sienna and is now desperately trying to raise the remaining £1400 for Noah’s vest. If you can help in any way, visit the gofundme page: www.gofundme.com/S4SNS4N

Photographer Southport (6)Let Noah have his cake and eat it!

Thank you for all your support and happy birthday to all those in the birthday club this week… We hope you have a wonderful day and magical year!

southport photographer

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Goodies Galore Giveaway!

As our Birthday Club grows in popularity year on year, we are delighted to work with so many local companies who have exclusive offers and deals just for you… Meet the lovely Sarah from Fab Party Bags :)


Sarah has been supplying goodies for our Birthday Bags for 2 years and they are a great hit with parents and kids alike! Not only does she supply a fantastic range of things for all ages (the birthday club is 0-12 years), she also gives 10% off an order too.


Sarah has supplied party bags for my own kids parties and Angeline’s too. I can’t recommend her highly enough… the attention to detail, and quick turn around plus value for money is fantastic.

Sarah’s personalised and bespoke bags are really popular. She says “They can be designed to match any theme. Wedding activity boxes, which can be tailored to match wedding colours / themes and Christening activity boxes. Both sets of boxes can be bought empty or filled with activities and toys to keep children occupied during the party!”

To celebrate our 2 year friendship with Fab Party Bags we are running a competition to win a lovely Portrait Session & digital album from us plus a personalised goodie bag! To enter just register here for the Birthday Club xxx Good Luck!




T’s and C’s

The competition closes Monday 25th June 2018 @midnight

Winner will be contacted by telephone by Saturday 30th of June 5pm

Only one entry per family

Portrait session is to take place at Diana Celine Photography, Southport Studio 5 Wesley Street PR8 1BN

Appointment necessary and includes a digital album with watermark for viewing and sharing on social media (not for printing)

Appointment to be secured with a £10 refundable deposit which can also be used towards a purchase if you so wish.

Sarah will provide one personalised goodie bag for one child. Contents will be chosen by Sarah from Fab Party Bags at her discretion.

By registering for the Birthday Club you are agreeing to our privacy policy   and are happy to be contacted from time to time with special offers. If you wish to just enter the competition and would not like to be registered with the birthday club, please state your preference so in the address box on the registration form.




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A cake, a car, a superhero and more :D …

Working with kids and families for such a long time gives us experience in making the most of each and every portrait session… How is possible to fit a cake, a car, a superhero and more into one photo-shoot you ask?….

Preparation, intuition and getting to know each family individually are key ingredients to a jam packed, lovely session.

This beautiful family have been visiting us since 2013 (10 times in total!) and we have watched the family grow from one gorgeous boy, to two gorgeous boys… we have met the whole family including Grandparents, Uncle and Aunty.

renata rovo 004        It really means the world to us when people choose us as their family photographer and return to us time after time. It means we can really personalise each session and we also know the personality of your little ones. This, along with our experience, means we can create portraits which we know you will love.

Renata and her family are the perfect example, showing that a portrait session is for any occasion… whether it’s for Cutest Kids in conjunction with the Visiter..

renata rovo 009

Nelson Nagy – Cutest Kids winner 2013 (0-6months category)

A Maternity portrait session…

renata rovo (61)

A cute family moment between Nelson, his mum Renata and dad Imre

Teeny tiny Newborn portrait session

renata rovo (166)_01

Little Nelson actually did fall asleep next to his baby brother Nolan 😀 – how sweet is that?!

Festive Portraits!

renata rovo 077

Cheeky little elves

1st Birthday Portraits – Cake Smash!

renata rovo 040_#2

How cute are these two together <3

Business Headshots

renata rovo 136

Beautiful 😀

When Renata got in touch to book Nolan’s 2nd birthday photoshoot she asked what theme she could do this time. I had a little think what we had done over the years with Reni….

We have a gorgeous vintage style portrait in the studio of two boys in braces and everyone comments on it so I wanted to re-create this with her gorgeous boys using our vintage style pedal car. They have just the right look and I knew the boys would love playing in the little car.

The picture I wanted to re-create

photographer southport

I got flat caps at the ready and braces for the boys to wear… with Nolan being two years old it can be a challenging age but we always have a few tricks up our sleeve! Renata brought a couple of outfits for the boys including something for the vintage portraits, superhero outfits and something for the family portraits…

We have to move quickly with little ones as the window of tolerance closes very quickly! We know when to look for the signs of tiredness/restlessness and when to distract or move on. Our aim is to capture natural shots, particularly the in between ones so we make it lighthearted with not much hanging around “trying to get the perfect pose”.

The session was as much fun as I hoped it would be and I absolutely love the pictures… Renata did too 😉

reni rovo 117

Nolan says “You can have that segment… the rest is mine!”

Laughs and giggles

reni rovo 125

I smile because you are my brother… I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it 😉

Light colours for the family portraits are always a firm favourite

family photography southport

Nolan makes everyone chuckle here…

Nelson test drives the vintage pedal car

southport photographer

He certainly looks the part, don’t you think?

Even Superheroes love bubbles…

photographer Southport

So there we have it…. 1 family, 5 years of different portrait sessions and lots of fabulous memories! We look forward to the next portrait session 😉

If you would like us to be your family photographer contact us We book at least 2-3 weeks in advance (sometimes longer for prime appointments) and it can take up to 4 weeks for us to turn around your order depending on your chosen finish/product. Remember to book well in advance to avoid disappointment :)

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Di and Angeline



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Rub~a~dub~dub…Another Birthday Club!

One of my favourite party games when I was a kid was hook a duck which my mum and dad used to set up along with some other weird and wonderful games …

Another ~ pop the balloon to find your treat… some of the balloons had flour in and some had water in and some had sweets… Not sure you would be allowed to play this sort of thing due to “health and safety” nowadays but I have amazing memories of parties growing up!

I always try and transfer some of the magical memories and effort into whatever I do with my own children and those that visit us here at Diana Celine Photography, Southport.


We want kids and parents to have lovely memories of their visit with us and of course, lovely photographs to keep forever too. This is one reason we started the Birthday Club with the Visiter, Southport. To give people a chance to capture a Magical Milestone and have some special photographs to cherish forever plus feature in the local newspaper!.

Over time it has evolved and grown to give even more to birthday boys and girls… on their visit for a birthday photoshoot, we give them a goodie bag with free things/amazing offers from our local friends that we have built relationships with over the years….

portrait logos

This week we would like to say a HUGE happy birthday to these little cuties…


Alesha Oriesek strutting her stuff and Amari Tomlinson getting squeaky clean after his cake smash. We hope you had a lovely day and you have a fantastic year… look forward to seeing you again soon :)

Thanks for reading and get in touch if you wish to book or have any questions about our photoshoots.

Di and Angeline






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Real Fairy Magic!

Everyone loves a fairytale and I believe the opening of Diana Celine Photography, Southport was a dream come true… (at the risk of sounding cheesy) It happened at the right time and everything fell into place with a lot of patience, determination and I believe a little bit of magic…


We had been open a couple of years and from the start we hit the ground running. For two years were busy offering newborn photography, family photography and more… I always love a new project I wanted to offer something a little bit different.

I wanted to not only produce beautiful portraits but give little ones an experience to remember forever and for parents to cherish for a lifetime…..Something magical that would tap into their imagination … of course it had to be fairies!

botanical fairies 113_#1

I wanted the experience to be real… I wanted little ones to really believe they were entering a magical world which they can touch, smell and hear .  This was they only way we would capture natural and captivating portraits.  (A plain greenscreen and digitally enhanced images weren’t going to cut the mustard for our Victorian inspired Fairy Portraits).

I started collecting lots of lovely things to create an enchanted wonderland for photos…        (Collecting is one of my favourite things ) and let me tell you… I did collect a lot of stuff!

winter fairies 2015 391

Now for the real Magic…

I searched and searched for the perfect outfits and ordered some things online  (just until I could make my own outfits)….Now all I needed were a couple of willing models. My son (3 at the time) and my Niece (6) were best of friends and practically inseparable. We set a date and I was eagerly awaiting for a particular fairy outfit… one that I thought would be perfect for my niece. A gold and shimmery design to go with her beautiful long golden locks.

The day arrived but alas… the outfit hadn’t… not to worry as I had another lovely back up outfit.  We prepared the children and told them they would be visiting a magical pixie dwelling and that they were to help the fairies by finding wishes.

JUST as we were about to transform them into their outfits… there was a knock on the door……. the pixiepost had arrived (in the form of Royal Mail) and I couldn’t help feeling there might be something special inside…. I ripped open the packaging and lo and behold, there it was, the magical shimmering fairy dress!

I couldn’t believe my eyes and I truly believe we had a little help from the fairies that day.


The children explored the wonderland and found lots of wishes for the wishing well. We captured some gorgeous photographs and learnt lots of things before, during and after the event. This would help us make a magical experience for lots of boys and girls for years to come. If you would like your little one to become a fairy and have a real, magical experience, get in touch xx

fairy shoot 011

My Niece with the Magical gold dress xx

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Exciting new signing for the Birthday Club!

We are thrilled to be working with Southport Football Club as part of our weekly feature in the Southport Visiter! Working with another local business in Southport means another win for our Birthday Club and we can’t wait to add free tickets and information about FREE season passes to our goodie bags 😀


Diana Celine Photography, Southport, have been running The Birthday Club for a number of years. It gives boys and girls the chance to benefit with special offers from our friends, feature in the local newspaper and receive a digital photograph for sharing on social media plus feature in our Birthday Club blog!

We have been celebrating out new friendship with Southport Football Club by photographing the birthday boys and girls in the club shirts. It’s been great fun so far and we are hoping to inspire little ones to support their local companies.

From left to right William Howard 4 years, Nyah Howard, Natalie Atkinson...    William Howard, Nyah Howard, Natalie Atkinson from Southport Football Club and Me! (Di)

Be a part of our  Birthday Club and join in the fun :)  (0-12 years)…  Just like these little ones!

Maisie Clark, Blake Clark and Harrison Clark1  Maisie Clark, Blake Clark and Harrison Clark

Logan John Sargent

Logan John Sargent

Amari John Tomlinson

Amari John Tomlinson

Zuzanna Pansegrouw

Zuzanna Pansegrouw

Thank you for reading and we look forward to seeing you soon

Di and Angeline


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A dabber and a ballerina

Remember kids parties when you were little and I always seem to remember having a dance off / dance competition. I thought I was the best dancer in the world but never won any of those little packets of sweets…. Now I realise the reason was probably this.




Well in this week’s birthday club we have actual dancers who probably win loads of sweets (deservedly – if that’s such a word).

Our Birthday club boys and girls (0-12 years) are invited in for a fab photoshoot and receive a goodie bag of special things from our friends, a digital image for sharing on social media and the chance to feature in the Southport Visiter newspaper… Join the Birthday Club!

Here’s a big hello to our Dabber and our cute Ballerina in this week’s birthday club :)

southport photographer

Adrian Ivanovs and Sienna Woods

Thank you for reading and we would like to say a big thank you to The Southport Visiter, Southport Football Club, Cake Creations, Babyballet Southport, Formby and Crosby, Fab Party Bags, Book in Style and Fancy Faces who all contribute to the goodie bags and promoting the birthday club for the last 6 years.

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The Birthday Club

Isn’t it weird how balloons have become a traditions for birthdays and other celebrations? … here’s an inflated sack of my breath… Happy Birthday! I wonder how many sacks of breath these birthday clubbers got?… none off us thank fully!

I’m sure they all had a wonderful time, whatever they got for their birthday 😉 With Diana Celine Photography, Southport, they had a lovely photoshoot, received a digital image for sharing, a goodie bag AND had their picture featured in the Southport Visiter!

We just love capturing the magical milestones. If you would like your little one to be a member, join here and we will be in touch ~ The Birthday Club!

If you are a lovely business and would like to add a special offer/free gift to our goodie bags then just message us for a chat.

Have a fab day

Di and Angeline


Yazzmin Newman 4 on 18th of May

Yazzmin Newman 4 on 18th of May

Blake Clark 4 on 19th of May

Blake Clark 4 on 19th of May

Olivia Paige Bates 1 on 15th of May

Olivia Paige Bates 1 on 15th of May

Olivia Williams 1 on 16th of May

Olivia Williams 1 on 16th of May

Sofia Daw 3 on 11th of May

Sofia Daw 3 on 11th of May

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Christening Cake smash!

We have been offering cake smashes for about 4 years and thought it would be one of those crazes that disappears…. but it seems to be more popular than ever!

Traditionally, most smashes have been for birthdays but now people are finding any excuse to let their little ones get messy with cake 😀 …. nursery graduation, new home, gender reveal cake, Christenings and more.

We are really excited to be working with Cake Creations, one of our lovely neighbours on Wesley Street, Southport.

Wesley St

Debbie and Meg from cake creations with me and Angeline from Diana Celine Photography

cake creations 005_#1

Meg and her team create amazing cakes, that not only look fantastic… they taste delicious too….Proof is in the pudding as they say (yum!)

christening cake smash 004_01

Me testing the goods.

Meg was thrilled to make a Christening cake for a very special, cake smash photoshoot involving a very cute baby called Felicity and her best friend, Alfie the Jack Russell!

The beautiful cake was delivered and the studio was ready… We wanted to add to the Christening element of the photoshoot so we used a silver trinket and tied up some shoes in the background. We wanted a hint of colour so used vintage style bunting which goes beautifully with the soft pink cake and white cross.

christening cake smash 009

Soft butter cream is best for smashing as it gets super messy.

The real Christening dress is being fashioned from Grandma’s wedding dress and as the Christening is in a few weeks, we didn’t want to risk ruining it. Instead we opted for a cute ivory tutu. The tutu also ties in nicely with the newborn session we did for Felicity..

jen berrett 091_#1

Felicity’s mummy is a good friend of mine and she owns babyballet in Southport, Formby and Crosby so the dance/tutu theme is obligatory!

Felicity was in good form and we couldn’t wait to see her reaction when the cake was placed in front of her…. We can safely say, she was very pleased!

christening cake smash 037

That face!

christening cake smash 059_01

Am I really allowed to do this?…

christening cake smash 085.jpg

Well…. if no one is going to stop me….

christening cake smash 009.jpg

You didn’t want me to save you any, did you?

christening cake smash 102.jpg

Ok Alfie… I suppose we can share!

After a thoroughly fun and messy cake smash, it was time for a nice soothing bubble bath for Felicity. We prepared the warm water in our vintage tub and let the splashing commence! (Actually, Felicity was more like a princess and there wasn’t much splashing but she was delighted to see the bubbles… )

christening cake smash 116

Could this day get any better?

christening cake smash 114

Look at those peggies!

christening cake smash 126

christening cake smash 134

Bye Bye bubbles….

Once Felicity was nice and clean, it was time for snuggles in a fluffy white towel. We wanted to carry the Christening theme right through so included lacey whites, ivory and silver.



christening cake smash 159

christening cake smash 172

All clean!

christening cake smash 177

Who’s that cute baby? (says Felicity looking at her reflection)

So to round up, it was a very busy morning! Remember…Cake smashes are for any celebration and we are always open to suggestions :)

Meg from Cake creations is kindly offering discounts to our customers on their cakes plus an exclusive offer for the “Smash Cakes”. Cakes are tailored to suit each individual just like our photoshoots so feel free to get in touch and discuss what you need. We look forward to hearing from you!

Enquire/Book here

We also welcome your comments :) See you soon

Di and Angeline


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Mum to be? A real and honest account

So….. you’re going to be a mum! Whether you are a first time mum, 2nd or 3rd (or more!) … each time brings something different but one thing remains the same…

There’s always lots to learn :)

My aim here is to share an honest account of some things to expect plus the highs and lows of being a mum.

Here is me, tired and bloated with my 3rd baby.

di bump 200_#2

Photograph by Angeline Foulkes of Diana Celine Photography

This was Christmas eve and I had been taking photographs at a Grotto all day. I had been meaning to have bump pictures to match up with the other two – mainly to avoid the future questions of “Where are all my pictures mummy?”… Anyway long story short….

I had been so busy in the run up to Christmas and kept putting it off and off and off and then, the only chance I had was a quick 10 minutes before I finished for Christmas. I really didn’t feel like it and if you zoom in closely (although I wouldn’t recommend it :D) , you can probably see, I hadn’t shaved my legs for about a year. eurgh

I am so glad I managed to summon up the energy for a mini photoshoot… A picture to keep forever.


Plus, alleviating any guilt of having pictures of the other 2 in my huge tummy but not baby number 3, as guilt plays a big part in motherhood… we feel guilty about everything.

(If my picture has inspired you to be brave and get your bump out Click Here)

Overwhelming feelings

“Wow, that’s a big mouth”

lucina jan twenty fourteen 059Lucina – my 3rd little baby (not so little 10lbs eek!)


When that baby is placed in your arms, you will always remember your first thought. Now don’t feel guilty (although you probably will), if it’s not “Oh wow you are the most amazing thing ever”. Now I will be honest… With Rockrhun, my first, I did get this weird rushing feeling and thought “Gasp…Oh my god, I love him”.

Because the feelings were so strong, I was expecting for it to happen with Cielle (my 2nd) but as the labour was so different and so quick, (plus didn’t have time for drugs) my first thought was “Oh wow, look at her beautiful….red face” Poor little thing, came out so fast,  her face was all swollen and practically purple. Within seconds of having her, guilt no.1 had already happened. 

Now, Lucina, baby 3 was a funny one. I started with a slow labour but my waters hadn’t broken like with the other two. As soon as my waters broke, woah! The midwives described it as a flood (sorry) and Lulu came out within seconds. eurgh.

When I held her she was crying. My first thought was “Wow, that’s a big mouth” . Guilt no.1 with baby no.3 in 0.001 seconds.

Sleepless Nights

danielle cramsie 077_#2


So when you are well and truly ready for bed, the little one wants to party and when you want to party (well just try and get out of the house before midday), the little one wants to sleep.

I think our body tries to prepare us but we somehow ignore the signals. I remember having to go to the loo 5 times a night when I was pregnant with the girls (2 times a night with my son) and this strangely correlates with how many times they had to feed in the night… might be just a theory but let me know if yours matches up too. we might be on to something :)

Lots of crying

joanne heron 024


Now, I have been working with babies for about 12 years and some people have called me the baby whisperer (ha ha – if only I was with my own children)  Over the years, I have learnt the signals and techniques to help calm a crying and unsettled baby.

As a parent, the overwhelming feeling of trying to make your baby happy and stop crying immediately, sometimes clouds rational thought.  Being able to calmly assess the needs of a crying baby during our photoshoots, has an advantage. We can read the signals and can usually tell if baby needs food, sleep, cuddles or just wants to be left alone (sometimes they do!).

I have learnt a lot through trial and error with my own children. Rockrhun was an easy baby, slept through anything, didn’t need a dummy. Cielle, needed a dark room, no sound, swaddling, and a dummy… my word, it took lots of trials and tribulations to find her sleeping/settling routine!

The point is, every baby is different but there will always be crying…. always.

Trying to appreciate the little things

julia marshall 113


I remember having so many plans for when Rockrhun was born. “I’m going to sort out all my photos and put them into albums” etc. “I’ll have so much time!” Errrrr no.

Seriously. Rockrhun was a dream baby but remember, I was a first time mum and learning everything from scratch. I laugh at the silly things I did for example. We had a changing table in his room, so for the first few days (might have been hours but felt like days), every time he needed his nappy changing, I took him upstairs… to change his nappy… why?!  Then I realised I could use the foldout changing mat that we had and keep a load of nappies down stairs.

Anyway the point is, you will be so busy learning and going from one end of the house to the other and trying to be the perfect mum, that it’s important you appreciate the little things. Don’t feel guilty for not sorting the photo album and all the other things you had planned.  babies-wont-keep1

I found this here…

Constant Washing

kerry goldstraw 017_0_1


How is it possible for tiny people to create so much washing?!

Sick, poo, dribble, snot. Be prepared….That’s all I can say on the matter really. You can always get cute pictures like this. Although at home, mine would also be mixed in with huge knickers and maternity bras.

The urge to kiss, hug and stare… all the time. 


kelley glover 051_#1

You won’t believe the love you have for those little people. They will probably be the most kissed little things on the planet… especially if they have siblings (or maybe not – depends on the jealousy factor) You can capture really cute photographs like this though if siblings are willing to give kisses away… or they can always be bribed 😀

One of the worries of having another child is “Will the other one be jealous?” “What if they don’t accept the new baby?” Well, we will never know until it happens but we just have to relax and not put too much pressure on them. One memory that sticks in my head is when the 2nd one came along, my family and friends, made a conscious effort to make a fuss of my first child before rushing over to the new baby and I always try to remember this when meeting a new baby with a sibling. It helps them feel included and special.

“Will I love the new baby as much?” is another. It’s hard to imagine loving another person but it just happens..  you will want to kiss, hug and stare at your new baby just as much as you did the first time.

 What will my little person love?

maxine edwards 026_#1


Whether it’s dinosaurs, trucks or Peppa Pig, we will also have to love what they love, as we will see and hear alot of it. From about 2 and a half, my son was obsessed with Fireman Sam (eye roll emoji). That theme tune is so annoying after being on repeat over and over. From them being young,  I learnt that getting out of the house is best for everyone’s sanity. Tire them out plus you can’t give in to the demands of annoying kids programmes.

That being said, sometimes annoying kids programmes can come in handy when you have an ipad and you need them to sit still for a little bit whilst you wait eagerly for a cooked breakfast in Bill Rimmers.

There are millions of other things I could harp on about but I will just say one thing. Having kids is definitely a journey, whether you have just set out or have been on the path for a while, remember to stop and smell the flowers. Appreciate the little things, the funny things, the silly things, the memories and take lots of pictures of course (for when the memories fade – you must have heard of baby brain?). Even the ones of them throwing tantrums (we need something to bribe them with when they get bigger and bossier than us)

We would love to hear your experiences! Let us know how you are finding pregnancy or motherhood.

If you want us to capture some memories for you click here .

A cheeky family picture of me and my lot

lucina 8 months 019_#4


Thank you for reading!

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