Real Fairy Magic!

Everyone loves a fairytale and I believe the opening of Diana Celine Photography, Southport was a dream come true… (at the risk of sounding cheesy) It happened at the right time and everything fell into place with a lot of patience, determination and I believe a little bit of magic…


We had been open a couple of years and from the start we hit the ground running. For two years were busy offering newborn photography, family photography and more… I always love a new project I wanted to offer something a little bit different.

I wanted to not only produce beautiful portraits but give little ones an experience to remember forever and for parents to cherish for a lifetime…..Something magical that would tap into their imagination … of course it had to be fairies!

botanical fairies 113_#1

I wanted the experience to be real… I wanted little ones to really believe they were entering a magical world which they can touch, smell and hear .  This was they only way we would capture natural and captivating portraits.  (A plain greenscreen and digitally enhanced images weren’t going to cut the mustard for our Victorian inspired Fairy Portraits).

I started collecting lots of lovely things to create an enchanted wonderland for photos…        (Collecting is one of my favourite things ) and let me tell you… I did collect a lot of stuff!

winter fairies 2015 391

Now for the real Magic…

I searched and searched for the perfect outfits and ordered some things online  (just until I could make my own outfits)….Now all I needed were a couple of willing models. My son (3 at the time) and my Niece (6) were best of friends and practically inseparable. We set a date and I was eagerly awaiting for a particular fairy outfit… one that I thought would be perfect for my niece. A gold and shimmery design to go with her beautiful long golden locks.

The day arrived but alas… the outfit hadn’t… not to worry as I had another lovely back up outfit.  We prepared the children and told them they would be visiting a magical pixie dwelling and that they were to help the fairies by finding wishes.

JUST as we were about to transform them into their outfits… there was a knock on the door……. the pixiepost had arrived (in the form of Royal Mail) and I couldn’t help feeling there might be something special inside…. I ripped open the packaging and lo and behold, there it was, the magical shimmering fairy dress!

I couldn’t believe my eyes and I truly believe we had a little help from the fairies that day.


The children explored the wonderland and found lots of wishes for the wishing well. We captured some gorgeous photographs and learnt lots of things before, during and after the event. This would help us make a magical experience for lots of boys and girls for years to come. If you would like your little one to become a fairy and have a real, magical experience, get in touch xx

fairy shoot 011

My Niece with the Magical gold dress xx

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