Rub~a~dub~dub…Another Birthday Club!

One of my favourite party games when I was a kid was hook a duck which my mum and dad used to set up along with some other weird and wonderful games …

Another ~ pop the balloon to find your treat… some of the balloons had flour in and some had water in and some had sweets… Not sure you would be allowed to play this sort of thing due to “health and safety” nowadays but I have amazing memories of parties growing up!

I always try and transfer some of the magical memories and effort into whatever I do with my own children and those that visit us here at Diana Celine Photography, Southport.


We want kids and parents to have lovely memories of their visit with us and of course, lovely photographs to keep forever too. This is one reason we started the Birthday Club with the Visiter, Southport. To give people a chance to capture a Magical Milestone and have some special photographs to cherish forever plus feature in the local newspaper!.

Over time it has evolved and grown to give even more to birthday boys and girls… on their visit for a birthday photoshoot, we give them a goodie bag with free things/amazing offers from our local friends that we have built relationships with over the years….

portrait logos

This week we would like to say a HUGE happy birthday to these little cuties…


Alesha Oriesek strutting her stuff and Amari Tomlinson getting squeaky clean after his cake smash. We hope you had a lovely day and you have a fantastic year… look forward to seeing you again soon :)

Thanks for reading and get in touch if you wish to book or have any questions about our photoshoots.

Di and Angeline






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