A cake, a car, a superhero and more :D …

Working with kids and families for such a long time gives us experience in making the most of each and every portrait session… How is possible to fit a cake, a car, a superhero and more into one photo-shoot you ask?….

Preparation, intuition and getting to know each family individually are key ingredients to a jam packed, lovely session.

This beautiful family have been visiting us since 2013 (10 times in total!) and we have watched the family grow from one gorgeous boy, to two gorgeous boys… we have met the whole family including Grandparents, Uncle and Aunty.

renata rovo 004        It really means the world to us when people choose us as their family photographer and return to us time after time. It means we can really personalise each session and we also know the personality of your little ones. This, along with our experience, means we can create portraits which we know you will love.

Renata and her family are the perfect example, showing that a portrait session is for any occasion… whether it’s for Cutest Kids in conjunction with the Visiter..

renata rovo 009

Nelson Nagy – Cutest Kids winner 2013 (0-6months category)

A Maternity portrait session…

renata rovo (61)

A cute family moment between Nelson, his mum Renata and dad Imre

Teeny tiny Newborn portrait session

renata rovo (166)_01

Little Nelson actually did fall asleep next to his baby brother Nolan 😀 – how sweet is that?!

Festive Portraits!

renata rovo 077

Cheeky little elves

1st Birthday Portraits – Cake Smash!

renata rovo 040_#2

How cute are these two together <3

Business Headshots

renata rovo 136

Beautiful 😀

When Renata got in touch to book Nolan’s 2nd birthday photoshoot she asked what theme she could do this time. I had a little think what we had done over the years with Reni….

We have a gorgeous vintage style portrait in the studio of two boys in braces and everyone comments on it so I wanted to re-create this with her gorgeous boys using our vintage style pedal car. They have just the right look and I knew the boys would love playing in the little car.

The picture I wanted to re-create

photographer southport

I got flat caps at the ready and braces for the boys to wear… with Nolan being two years old it can be a challenging age but we always have a few tricks up our sleeve! Renata brought a couple of outfits for the boys including something for the vintage portraits, superhero outfits and something for the family portraits…

We have to move quickly with little ones as the window of tolerance closes very quickly! We know when to look for the signs of tiredness/restlessness and when to distract or move on. Our aim is to capture natural shots, particularly the in between ones so we make it lighthearted with not much hanging around “trying to get the perfect pose”.

The session was as much fun as I hoped it would be and I absolutely love the pictures… Renata did too 😉

reni rovo 117

Nolan says “You can have that segment… the rest is mine!”

Laughs and giggles

reni rovo 125

I smile because you are my brother… I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it 😉

Light colours for the family portraits are always a firm favourite

family photography southport

Nolan makes everyone chuckle here…

Nelson test drives the vintage pedal car

southport photographer

He certainly looks the part, don’t you think?

Even Superheroes love bubbles…

photographer Southport

So there we have it…. 1 family, 5 years of different portrait sessions and lots of fabulous memories! We look forward to the next portrait session 😉

If you would like us to be your family photographer contact us We book at least 2-3 weeks in advance (sometimes longer for prime appointments) and it can take up to 4 weeks for us to turn around your order depending on your chosen finish/product. Remember to book well in advance to avoid disappointment :)

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Di and Angeline



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