Tips for Newborn Photography

Capturing beautiful images of your newborn baby is the best thing in the world… teeny tiny fingers and toes, scrunched up nose and all the little things in between. The thing with newborns is, they don’t stay tiny for long! For those sleepy, snuggly pictures the window of opportunity is very small and we recommend 4-10 days… eeeek!

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With 3 babies of my own, I understand the anxiety of routine, feeding, changing, crying, sleep (or lack of it) but if you can put all that aside and make time for a newborn session, you will always have those first precious moments to look back on. We all take hundreds of “snaps” on our phones but nothing quite compares to having professional images with gorgeous lighting and styling to really capture the beauty of your tiny baby.

Of course I’m recommending professional portraits as it’s what I do!  However I also love giving advice on capturing your own images so read on for a few hints and tips…

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To capture the best images you need a calm and quiet environment not to mention nice and cosy :)…. We heat the room to a lovely temperature which sometime feels slightly warm for us adults but remember, your baby has just been in the cosiest place on earth for nine months and you are stripping them down to their bare skin… brrr!

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  • Have plenty of supplies to hand such as blankets, nappy changing supplies and lots of milk…. you can guarantee they will need all of these at some point during your session.
  • For light, we use a big window and use the daylight available to us – no flash – We love to embrace the light and shadows which really accentuate the tiny wrinkles, folds and newborn loveliness .


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  • Personalise your session with teddys, hand knitted accessories and blankets. There’s nothing quite like having your baby’s personal items and keepsakes on the portraits… plus you can use them every year as a marker to see how they’ve grown!

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baby photographer southport


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babys photographer southport


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  • Capture the smiles ~ windy or not, capturing a newborn smile on camera is sooo satisfying… It takes plenty of milk, patience and a quick  reaction (it’s usually just a split second!)

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  • Capture the little details…

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  • And of course, include loved ones in the session too! We love the natural portraits where you are looking at your beautiful baby…


southport photographer


The pride of being a big sister…

southport babys photogorapher


Or big brother…

newborn photographers southport

southport photographer


One thing’s for sure with a newborn… they will never be this small again so embrace the little things, take your time and try to enjoy every second…. even when they have woken you up every hour on the hour 😉

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Thank you for reading!

If you would like us to capture the magical milestones, we have a priority register which is just £10 and includes a dedicated “keep in touch” diary, plus priority booking for you and your baby within the tiny window of 4-10 days. It also secures your time in the studio which could be up to a couple of hours (We leave plenty of time to capture those beautiful images and of course, time for feeding, changing and cuddling)  For just £10… really! Once you view your portraits you have the chance to buy whatever you like from the session and you can find all our prices on the website. You can also register for priority there too.










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