6 ideas for half term and how to get great pictures!

uh oh….. how did it get to half term SO QUICKLY?! Don’t panic… we have some cheap and free ideas to tire them out, plus you can get some lovely photos to show off on social media ūüėÄ

I do love a good duvet day but my favourite days, are the ones that get you and the kids outdoors. When indoors, I find myself constantly picking up toys then pens, back to the toys, a lego trail and then the same pens again?!

So read on for my ideas and feel free to add your own in the comments xx

Be a Superhero…


angeline lake disrict 175_01

Photograph by Angeline Foulkes of Diana Celine Photography

Get your kids to dress as superheroes and stop petty crimes like picking up litter, give them secret missions like finding a red post box and posting a letter to their favourite superhero… The possibilities are endless! The best superhero pictures are the natural ones of them in action. Try and capture the flowing cape and go for some different angles that make them look super!

Go sand sliding

viki location 363_01

If you don’t mind a bit of dirt (it’s worth it to see their faces…… asleep at bed time because you’ve tired them out ūüėČ ) then go sand sliding. I went with a good friend of mine, to Formby Pinewoods and we ended up at the beach. This was one of my favourite photographs of the day. It wasn’t planned and I managed to capture the action as it unfolded… look at his little face!

Obviously safety comes first but if you try and capture some action shots instead of them standing on the dunes with cheesy smiles, it tells a much better story, don’t you think?

Go on a picnic

summer location window 044_01Ok so not the most original idea, but the kids love it! Wrap up warm and pack some yummy goodies… go to the park or local woods and let them run off some steam..

The picnic basket isn’t the most practical but here it makes a great photograph. Capturing images from the back is one of my faves as it gives a new perspective and we can see the road ahead though their little eyes. These two remind me of a little old couple and I would love to know what they were talking about.

Go on a train ride


angeline lake disrict 540_01Photograph by Angeline Foulkes of Diana Celine Photography

All kids love riding the train. It’s an adventure to them… in our busy lives going to and from school… in the car, “seatbelts on!”, out of the car “seatbelts off”, the train gives us and the kids the freedom to move and watch the world go¬†by. If you buy a daysaver, you can go on a “kidventure” (more about this in the next idea).

For capturing some lovely pictures, try and take natural ones of them enjoying the view. If you crop in quite close and fill the frame, you will edit out those crazy patterned seats you usually find on merseyrail, and you are left with a lovely thoughtful image.

Go on a “kidventure”viki location 554_01


Now, this is one of our favourite things to do, however, you do need a bit of patience and probably a good few hours (it does tire them out though).

A kidventure is basically just letting the kids take the lead and going in whichever direction they choose! They love it because they feel they have the freedom to go wherever they like. We have ended up in some weird and wonderful places, and the great thing is, they got to do exactly what they wanted. Remember to bring some drinks along and some pennies for a lollipop/cake.

Take pictures of the simple things they enjoy on their kid venture.. Here they were looking at grains of sand on a table and it makes a very cute picture. Play around with the filters to create the mood. Here I have used a sepia tone, giving a warm glow.

Magic in the Woods

christmas 2016 (195)_0


Tailor the magic to suit what your kids are into! With the little ones you can look for fairies/elves. Let them find a magic stick they can use as a wand or staff… you can even take it home and decorate it later. Mine are really into Harry Potter at the moment and we spent hours avoiding Voldemort and finding the Philosophers Stone.

The woods look extra beautiful on a wintery sunny day. The low lying light shining through the trees, helps capture some great shots. Here they were standing on an “ancient stone” which had magical powers :)

We hope you find some inspiration from these and we would love to know what you get up to with the kids. Feel free to let us know and even share your lovely pictures on our facebook page.


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7 ideas for Valentines…

Whether you have been dating a while or not long at all…. we all know Valentines is looming around the corner! If you are looking for some ideas that could also include the kids (if you have them or if you have to ūüėČ ) then read on for a list of our favourite dates (my particular favourite includes wine -not for the kids – obviously, ¬†pyjamas and a television!)

For the Adventurous Type….


Be a Tourist!

Happy tourists taking photo of themselves

I bet you know your town like the back of your hand… but have you ever been a tourist? Go to the places where tourists go to and explore. Take cheesy pictures of the landmarks… if all else it’ll be fun to show the kids when they are older ūüėČ If you fancy going a bit further afield… jump on the train and visit the next town. Use trip advisor for the best places to go and be totally random!

For the humerous couple…

Laugh out Loud at a Comedy Club 

laughing-coupleThere is something about a good old belly laugh that brings us closer together. Follow it up with a few cocktails and that’s the perfect night right there!

For the competitive types…

STRIKE it lucky at 10 pin bowling!


Personally, I am rubbish at 10 pin bowling… I even managed to throw the ball behind me once which is a whole other story (involves alcohol of course). Even if you are useless at this “sport” it could create a few laughs… you could always put the kid bumpers up?

For those feeling a bit brave…

a Couple Photoshoot

charlotte yates 024_#2_01

Now, we know every (normal) adult hates having their picture taken… but…. this is actually very fun.¬†It’s something you will probably only do once as a couple and you will have the pictures and memories to last forever. Here at Diana Celine Photography, we aim to make you feel relaxed, comfortable and you probably won’t even realise you are having pictures taken!* *well you might a little bit but it’s not as bad as going to the dentist!

Bring the kids and family pet if it helps….. Photoshoots start from just ¬£10¬†Book now¬†or buy a voucher

christine walton 108


Been together a while?…

Look back at old Photographs




Now this follows on nicely from our photoshoot idea as you will be able to do this in years to come! That aside, everyone loves looking at old photos, whether it be your holiday photos or childhood photographs … grab a glass of wine and reminisce. The good thing about this one is you can sit in your pyjamas/yoga pants! (always a good thing)

For those wanting to go back to their youth..

Have a Games Night in


I really wanted to go back to my youth for a “Date night” I had with my other half. When we first met, we used to spend hours playing Tomb Raider on the Playstation. This was well before kids as lets face it… now I have to actually be tomb raider to get into their rooms and do the washing, cleaning etc

I borrowed a console off a friend and after a few glasses of wine, encouraged my other half to keep playing as he was doing a good job (in all honesty, I couldn’t remember how to use the controls after the wine had kicked in).

For the comfy couple

Movie Night in


Again, this can (should) include pyjamas plus you can pause to go to the toilet, eat as much as you like without spending a fortune and if you don’t like the movie half way through…fall asleep or choose a new one! win/win/win

I hope this has given you some inspiration for Valentines this year and future years! If you have any additions or have a twist on any of these ideas, feel free to let us know ūüėÄ

Here are the links to find the original posts and pictures

Tourist  Comedy Club  Bowling  Photo Album  Games night in  Movie Night in






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Smash and Splash!

So how do you take the stress and mess out of a cake smash photoshoot?…. well, we are very¬†excited to add a new twist to our cake smash photography in our Southport studio….. We like to call it Smash and Splash! It’s a cake smash followed by a lovely jubbly bubble bath!

We have been planning this for a while but you know how it is (especially when you have kids, a house, cats/dogs and a business to run) things get put on hold…. Well finally, one of my new years resolutions can finally be ticked off! (I’m as amazed as you are :D)

Our first little model was this cutie pie, Sonny.  sonny-smash-and-splash-logo-043

Mum, was a bit apprehensive as of course, with all children, you never know how they are going to perform, what to bring? what to wear? all of these questions we could answer and put mum at ease.

Once¬†mum felt more prepared she couldn’t wait to capture a magical milestone and let¬†her baby get really messy with a yummy cake then leave us to take out the stress and clean up with a bubble bath and fluffy towel, allowing us to capture some more cute pictures.

The Photoshoot

Cake smash me

On the day,  mum and Sonny arrived at our family friendly, photography studio in Wesley Street, Southport.  Thankfully for mum, Sonny was in a fantastic mood! (he must have known about the cake) The photoshoot lasted around an hour and we had a full, tired, giggly little one and a happy mum. Mum was especially excited that we would be sending a picture to the Southport Visiter Newspaper, as part of our famous Birthday Club!

spring 002.jpg

Mum said she would be recommending the experience to her  friends, which of course means the world to us :)

If you fancy trying out a cake smash photoshoot, they are becoming more and more popular, especially for 1st birthday, 2nd birthday and even 3rd birthdays, however we will accommodate any age (0-12 years for the birthday club Р0-3 years for the splash bit! )

We are an established photography studio in Southport town centre, with a large and spacious studio space¬†plus a separate¬†reception area in which we have had many a natter and brew¬† helping you choose your pictures. We like to see ourselves as a home from home and are very down to earth… we want you to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

Your session is tailored to suit you, and we work very hard to make it ¬†personal and memorable. ¬† For ¬£30,¬†it would include the¬†time for cake smash photographs (bring your own cake) and then a lovely warm bubble bath.¬†¬†You can choose a 10×8 from the session, ¬†a goodie bag with some surprises from our friends at Fab Party Bags , a picture in the¬†Visiter¬†… PLUS the chance to buy one of our fantastic photography packages.

Register for the birthday club and we will be in touch to book your fun photography session.  The birthday club runs from 0-12years. Birthday Club


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Win a Modelling Portfolio!

Well Hello!

We are thrilled to launch our blog with an exciting competition… It is to celebrate our 6th year of creating portraits for lots of lovely people. We have teamed up with Gmodels Junior and we will be holding a casting at our Photography Studio, on Wesley Street, Southport, on Friday 24th of July 11-3 2015

Joseph Gowland - Independent winner of our cutest kids competition 2015

Joseph Gowland – Independent winner of our cutest kids competition 2015

One lucky, little model, will win a portfolio and representation with the modelling agency.

It should be a fun filled day with a bouncy castle, face painting, workshops and dancing with babyballet, and decorations from kidz favourite party box…. plus goodie bags for those who register in advance.

To register you need to fill out the form (just follow the link) Register for casting here

The event is free to attend and we look forward to seeing you there and celebrating 6 lovely years :)

Thank you for taking the time to visit us!

Diana and Angeline


The competition is open to 0-16 year olds and the winner will be chosen by Gmodels Junior. The portfolio consists of 6 a4 prints in a folio. The casting is a mini shoot and the winner would be required to return to the studio for a full portfolio shoot. the competition is free to enter and by taking part you agree to let us use any pictures taken for advertising and promotional purposes with Diana Celine Photography and Gmodels and Casting agency.

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